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How to Choose Welded Wire Mesh Fence

How to Choose Welded Wire Mesh Fence

Many customers will have such a problem which is easy to the experienced buyer  when choose the wire mesh fence .how to choose high-quality wire mesh fence. Shengyang Metal Wire Mesh Fences Products Co.,Ltd offer the following suggestions:

The material of wire mesh fence will impact the quality of wire mesh fence   and service life directly. Which is relating to the product can be used to achieve useful life, the quality is meeting its objectives or not.

First, we can see how the wire mesh fence's mesh-like, usually mesh is welded by wires of different specifications, and the diameter and strength of the wire mesh have a directly affects the quality of silk. In the election of wire we should select regular quality wire of rod manufacturers pull out of the finished wire; then is the followed welding or the preparation process of mesh which is major checking the mechanical and operational capabilities of staff. The good net film is welding or the preparation of each point can connected very well. Some regular fence manufacturers of Anping are using automatic welding machines to produce the wire mesh fence, while small plants are used with manual welding.
Second, the choice of wire mesh fence framework, some regular manufacturers are using angle or round steel, but in different parts of the using of angle or round steel should be different.
Third, the grasp of overall spray process, in general, we should pay attention to the overall wire mesh fence should uniformity spray, and the paint quality is also essential.