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Double Loop Decorative Fence

Double Loop Decorative Fence

1. Double Loop Decorative Fence Application:

Used for park, private gardens and parks, playgrounds, plays areas, pedestrian zone and public restriction area, factory fencing, residence fencing or house fencing.

2. Double Loop Decorative Fence Advantages:

The Double Loop Decorative Fence and roll top welded mesh panels are extremely decorative and elegant whilst retaining high quality, low maintenance and performance.

Built in rigidity

The rolled beam profile at the top and bottom edge of each panels results in maximum rigidity.


The polyester coating is able to guarantee longevity. With different colors can make the fence more attractive.

User Friendly

Double loop fencing and roll top fencing utilize friendly top rolled edges for enhanced safety and rigidity.

3. Structure: The edges are cylinder rolled with cold-drawn low-carbon steel wire, froming a whole with the mesh sheet.

Characteristics: High strength, fine settl, nice looking, long-last, wide view, easy installation, bright and comfortable feeling.

The Roll Top fence
  Panels Posts
Fence Height m Panel Size Height/Width mm O/A Length Number of Fixings Inters Number of Fixings Corners
0.9 900 x 3000 1500 3 6
1.2 1200 x 3000 1800 4 8
1.5 1500 x 3000 2100 4 8
1.8 1800 x 3000 2500 5 10