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Quotation List of Temporary Fencing

Type:Shengyang-Temporary fence

1) Recommending Specification:

Wire diameter:3mm -5mm

Mesh size:50 x50mm,50 x75mm,75 x100mm,50x160mm

Sheet size(L XH):2100x2400mm,1800x2400mm,2100x2900mm,2100x3300mm

Frame size: 25,32,38,40,42,48 pipe

Galvanized type:A.welded before galvanizedB.welded after galvanized


2) Reference specification:

Panel specification:

Wire diameter:4mm ,mesh size:50x160mm ,sheet:2.4m x2.1m

Frame size:32mm x2mm thickness

Surface:Hot-dip Galvanized

Reference Price:

A.Welded after hot-dip galvanized

FOB Tianjin 38$/set  weight:26kg/set

B.Weldede before hot-dip galvanized

FOB Tianjin 43$/set  weight:26kg/set


This is the reference price ,exact price please contact with us .

The usage of temporary fence as following:

mobile fencing
mobile fencing
mobile fence
mobile fence