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Shengyang Metal Wire Mesh Fence Products Co.,Ltd is Located Anping County,Hebei,China.We specialise Wire Mesh Fence and Steel Grating. Hope every friends could link them when you are free.If you are interested in ,please contact with us.We will try our best to help you.


The Application of Peach Column Welded Wire Mesh Fence

Anping Shengyang Metal Wire Mesh Products Co.,Ltd specialised in producing Peach post wire mesh fencing and other fencing and post. Peach column wire mesh fence has a solid structure, the netheight is large, and it has the features ofbright color, nice, notfaded, easily deformed and structure. Peach column wire mesh fence ismade of low carbon cold drawn steel wire, then welded…


How to Improve The Welding Quality & Corrosion Resistance of Wire Mesh Fence?

There are mainly two forms of anti-corrosion method of wire mesh fence. Galvanized wire mesh fence has a strong Oxygen resistance, but they are afraid of alkali corrosion. The using of Dip technology has changed the traditional products in the outdoor sun and wind and other harsh environment that is prone to short-term anti-corrosion layer of flake, crack, and then lead to…


How to Choose Welded Wire Mesh Fence

Many customers will have such a problem which is easy to the experienced buyer  when choose the wire mesh fence .how to choose high-quality wire mesh fence. Shengyang Metal Wire Mesh Fences Products Co.,Ltd offer the following suggestions: The material of wire mesh fence will impact the quality of wire mesh fence   and service life directly. Which is relating…


Australia Standard Temporary Fencing

Shengyang Temporary Fence has earned an excellent reputation for competitive prices with exceptional service. From the largest, or smallest, long or short term application, the range of fencing systems are incredibly sturdy, yet portable and ideal for any of the following situations: Commercial Construction Sites Domestic Housing Sites,When you need please Contact Us. Pool construction Sporting events Special events Concerts / Parades…


PVC Coating Technology for wire mesh fencing

PVC Coating Technology: First get rid of the rust from the wire mesh, then get rid of the oil, heat it to 350+50Cccording to the test result of heat capacity of the wire mesh. Then put the wire mesh into floating bed for 8-10 seconds, then get the surface floating flat under 200-240C, then freeze to the air temperature….