Bis ass anal

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Mugrel 2 years ago
You can exclude a group without coming out and specifically saying no ______ allowed.
Sazragore 2 years ago
I'm dealing with this particular question with someone right now. We were hanging out the other weekend and she put her hand on my chest, leaned in close and said "I really love this shirt on you" and ran her hand down to my abs. Seemed like a pretty obvious sign, but we've been friends for a long time and I flat out asked her a few weeks back, after she put her hand on my cheek and told me how attractive I am, "are you flirting with me?" and the answer was "no, I just get friendly when I drink." We're hanging out with groups of people and she certainly isn't
Vizahn 2 years ago
I should get pizza for lunch.
Zulkijin 2 years ago
lmao music made it a lot funnier

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