How to Improve The Welding Quality & Corrosion Resistance of Wire Mesh Fence?

There are mainly two forms of anti-corrosion method of wire mesh fence.
Galvanized wire mesh fence has a strong Oxygen resistance, but they are afraid of alkali corrosion. The using of Dip technology has changed the traditional products in the outdoor sun and wind and other harsh environment that is prone to short-term anti-corrosion layer of flake, crack, and then lead to loss of preservative effect, which greatly affected the life of wire mesh fence.
The manufacturing process by the dip out of the wire mesh fence of thick anti-corrosion coating products, up to the traditional electrostatic spray coating process several times more than ( General thickness 0.5mm?mm) in a particular case can also be thicker, in the case of outdoor maintenance, preservation of their normal life more than two decades. To use high quality raw materials (wire rod) the quality rod will have a direct impact on the strength of wire mesh fence and useful life, rod diameter and strength of a direct impact on the quality of wire mesh fence, wire areas should be selected in the selection by regular manufacturers of high quality wire rod wire pulled out of the finished product.