The Application of Peach Column Welded Wire Mesh Fence

Anping Shengyang Metal Wire Mesh Products Co.,Ltd specialised in producing Peach post wire mesh fencing and other fencing and post.
Peach column wire mesh fence has a solid structure, the netheight is large, and it has the features ofbright color, nice, notfaded, easily deformed and structure. Peach column wire mesh fence ismade of low carbon cold drawn steel wire, then welded into the isolationnetwork. Peach column wire mesh fence both play a role of fence and landscaping.
Peach column wire mesh fence is widely used in high-speed highwayfence, railway, airport, residential, garden,mining, protection, farming andother industries. The main performance of peach column wire mesh fenceis precision, long life and other advantages. This wire mesh fencing areused in highway guardrail, railway, airport, port, municipalconstruction, aquaculture protective net; for parks, lawns, hotels,casinos, wholesale markets, supermarket shelves, decorative arts andcrafts and other networks; it is also for the construction of buildingand road construction net. Peach column wire mesh fence is resistant tocorrosion, aging, acid, non-fading, it has a roughness surface, bright,comfortable feel and so on. Both the domestic market and the Europe,America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions all inclined tobuying this wire mesh fencing.